Expose all entities to "Long term statistics"

Love the long term statistics. Though I’m confused that it doesn’t support more entities within home assistant.

Better yet, it would be great if it was able to obtain data from InfluxDB :slight_smile:

Long Term Statistics

InfluxDB - Home Assistant.

InfluxDB and Grafana - Home Assistant.

I’m aware of all of those, thank you

Doesn’t negate the fact that HA should support this functionality natively as we can accomplish with InfluxDB and Grafana :wink:

Mixed thoughts, it is already supported natively ootb but not for all entities (type), e.g. you donot need (I sincerely doubt) a statistic that tracks on/off for a switch for statistics (!) purposes, note that there is a difference in having history and having statistics. So … choices have been made by the HA dev and in 90%+ they are fine. If you want then you already know how to add your own as exceptions via statistics (above).