Exposing Homekit devices to iPhone Homekit app without a Bridge?

I have several Homekit devices integrated with HA. I know about the Homekit Bridge integration, but I do not have a Homekit bridge. I would like to expose the devices to the iPhone’s Home app. Is this possible without a Bridge? If yes, how?


Apple HomeKit needs a hub to work - either an AppleTV, HomePod, HomePod mini or iPad.

If you are using an iPad as the hub, it needs to remain in the home,

Once you have set up the hub. HomeAssistant’s Home Bridge can connect to it.

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Thank you @jchh. I guess I won’t be able to use the iPhone Home app without a hub, none of which I have.

Not the end of the world. You don’t really need the Home app as everything can be done (and more so) in Homeassistant.

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Yea I agree. Just like to tinker and see what the Home app can or cannot do. Thanks again!

That is the goal of the homekit integration, turn your home assistant into a homekit bridge.

You add it and HomeAsssistant will generate a QRCode for the Home app to scan.
But read carefully the Considerations section

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Ah thank you @Olivier1974. I read the integration previously and misunderstood, but re-read it after your post, and now it makes sense. Thanks for the callout about the Considerations. I’ll give it a shot!