Extending support in the Nest component to Nest Protect Smoke Alarms

Since the framework is already there to support Nest thermostats, it would seem trivial to add support for the Nest Protects as well, unless I am missing something…

FYI: this was added in https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/2076 and is a part of the package now.

Yeah, I was using it the day they released it, but they never closed this post. That’s really cool of you to check and make sure though; thanks a lot buddy!


For the moment, only 3 sensors pulled into HASS, but I would also like to have more info about my Nest Protect devices.

I see on https://developers.nest.com/documentation/api-reference/overview#smokecoalarms2 that it is possible to get a lot more info than only battery_health, co_alarm_state and smoke_alarm_state.

It would be awesome if somebody could implement the other states also!




Since Nest announced big product line launch, a complete Nest sensor update should be really on the to do list!