Fade time in HA automation not working for KNX lights


I am deploying KNX system in my home with Home Assistant as the control server. All the lights in the house are DALI dimmable and tunable with DT8 drivers and interface with KNX through ABB KNX Dali Gateway DG/S2.64.5.1.

I have integrated all lights into HA already and they work perfectly. The problem I am facing is to use fade time in automations. I am not able to control the time taken for a light to change to desired state with the option in HA automation. Can anybody guide me on that?

Thanks in advance.

Fade time = transition time

Hi :wave:!
Knx Light entities don’t support transitions currently.

As a workaround you can maybe use knx.send service with a raw payload representing the data your group object expects.

Thanks Matthias. I had this workaround in mind. Just wanted to explore if there is it can be done natively. Is there any plan to include this feature?

Not that I’m aware of.
You may file a feature request here https://github.com/XKNX/xknx
Or implement it yourself… it’s an open source project. :wink: