Failed to call service climate/set_hvac_mode

My VM restarted due to a power outage and my HA apps weren’t working due to a change in IP address by the VM. I corrected the settings, using the new IP address and restarted the app. Nothing is working, including my 2 thermostats.

All the room controls are enabled, but they don’t turn anything on. All of the device controls are disabled.

The thermostats are reading as Unavailable. When I click on the power button for either one of them, I get the message Failed to call service climate/set_hvac_mode. Service not found. Not sure what the issue is or how to correct it.

Thanks in advance.

I just fixed it. It turns out that when my power cycled, I received a new IP address for my Insteon hub. After running an IP scan, I found the new IP address, updated the configuration in HA and now everything is working again.