Failing to boot after power failure


My Raspbery Pi4 with Hassio on SSD will not boot up after a power-fail of the house.
Only remedy is to power cycle the Raspberry again and it will boot up properly.

Only difference is that all the other equipment in the house are running already (rooter, Switch, etc)
Is it possible that hassio is needing network to be able to boot properly?
If this is the case is it possible to make a boot wait until network available?


I have a similar problem with another application on a PC, which auto-starts after power failure. I’m using a Zwave smart power plug to solve it. This plug can be programmed for a delayed switch on after power failure. Works like a charm :wink:

HA as such should not require a network connection, but the loading of integrations might be another case.
The loading will for sure be slowed down by the missing network and with enough integrations doing this it might feel like HA have died, but in fact it is just waiting for timeouts to continue.

Put a monitor on HA and see what it writes there when it happens.