Failing to connect to homeassistant.local

hi all.
complete noob here. But I would very much like to get involved.

I have a rasberry pi 3 b+. I have flashed HS to the SD card and installed.
I plug my Pi into the router and the router tells me that something called ‘homeassistant’ is plugged in. Great.
But I cant acces homeassistant.local , nor will typing in the ip of the PI achieve anything.

Appreciate your help for such a neophyte.


Are you using :8123 after the ip or .local?

Let us know exactly what you are typing

I have a similar situation: I just received Home Assistant Yellow, connected it to my ethernet, pointed my computer browser to http://homeassistant.local:8123/, “This site can’t be reached”. I welcome all advice and guidance.

You can try connecting to the IP address http://IP adress:8123/