Failing to create a bonded interface with nmcli

Trying to create a bonded interface, for redundancy, via the HAOS console and nmcli. I’ve followed Redhat’s nmcli instructions, but it is failing with this output:

# nmcli con up bond0
Error: Connection activation failed: bond failed to create resources: Failed tc create bond interface "bond0' for
'bond0': Operation not supported

First I delete all the existing connections, then I run these commands:

nmcli connection add type bond con-name bond0 ifname bond0 bond.options mode="802.3ad,miimon=100,lacp_rate=fast,xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3"
nmcli connection add type ethernet slave-type bond con-name bond0-port1 ifname enp1s0f0 master bond0
nmcli connection add type ethernet slave-type bond con-name bond0-port2 ifname enp1s0f1 master bond0

Any ideas on this?

I was able to create a bonded connection in HAOS by mainly using this guide. Until now it works fine, although I did not yet dare to reboot. I use mode=active-backup to address some suspected issues with WiFi.

For some reason, the bonded connection does not appear in the HA network configuration page, and also not in the ha network info output.

Edit: I have to correct myself - since apparently and likely for a good reason, add-ons are only allowed to use connections managed by supervisor, this approach does not work and leads to issues with addons which need connectivity.