Failure with connecting Kasa matter device

I have been trying to connect a Kasa Matter switch to HA for quite a while. I’ve probably tried the process in 20 different ways and every time it fails, either with “something went wrong” or with some other errors about being unable to connect.

I have been able to connect it to Alexa and Google Home without issue. I was also able to connect it to the Kasa app without using Matter, but as far as I understand that connection method is incompatible with using Matter, and HA does not see any of the Kasa Matter devices which are connected via Kasa wifi based app, as oppt to Matter (in other words Kasa gives you two options, Matter and their own Wifi protocol, but HA does not support Matter enabled Kasa devices even if they are connected via the Kasa app).

The errors coming from HA tell me nothing. Since other apps were able to connect then in principle it should work with HA, but I have no idea where to start with this, it gives me no descriptive error message.

Any ideas? How can I debug this?

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I have the same issue.

Just as it says ‘adding device to Home Assistant’ that’s where I get the ‘Something went wrong’

Contacted Kasa support about this, their position is that HA is not supported for this model (KS205). The HA Kasa plugin also doesn’t support this model so it isn’t usable with HA at all it seems.

Ran into the same issue, ordered 2 of what I thought was the same tplink “tapo” dimmer switch, but when they arrived one was model ts25 and the other was s505d, the ts25 connected with the HA matter device setup fine, but the s505d would always error out on the “connecting device to home assistant” step.

First dive into matter and I feel like I may have tried it out too early, time to see if any of my other matter devices are inexplicably incompatible

I am experiencing the same problem with the Tapo S505D using HA 2023.12.1

Really unfortunate as the Tapo is Matter Certified - this should be PnP with HA! Matter support is critical for HA’s future.

I just received two TS25 tapo dimmers and cannot get them to work with HA. Can I ask how you got it to work?

Did you first pair with tapo app?

No, in fact I blocked their MAC from accessing the Internet in my firewall before I even set them up, because I wanted to make sure that the setup process was not relying on the Internet.

I had one or two that didn’t connect right away and I had to reset them and reboot HA but otherwise I just followed the normal process of adding a matter device in the HA companion app.

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I’ll give that a try with the TS25 today. Appreciate the input.

Update: blocking internet access seemed to do the trick. I was able to successfully pair with HA for the first time.

Oddly enough, I installed some more ts25’s and started running into the issue you described. It would share credentials and start to setup the device fine, but refused to connect it to home assistant. Every time it got to that step I’d get “something went wrong”.

It seems to be tied to setting up multiple matter switches at once, as it happened twice when I installed them in groups in multi-gang boxes. Perhaps turning them all on together just causes confusion for the onboarding process, because going back the next day to factory reset them one at a time allowed everything to work correctly.

Note that doing a factory reset immediately doesn’t work, I’m guessing something is getting cached on the device or on home assistant, and you have to wait for the cache to clear itself.

Did the TS25s commission in the Tapo app?

I have one more to install and may just bench test its connectivity.

Once commissioned by home assistant, I can’t add it to Google home and can only see it with the Tapo app when local, because I’ve blocked it from Internet.

I might open it to Internet again and see what happens, but I like having simple local control via home assistant.

I can’t seem to get any kind of consistent behavior with these things, just when I think I’ve figured out their quirks they break in some new way.

I’m not sure if the recent matter server update borked things but I can’t seem to commission them through the HA companion app at all anymore, I have to use the android prompt that comes up and then tell it to set it up with HA.

On top of that one of the ones I setup a few days ago is no longer responding, so I’m going to have to take the wall plate off and try to re-pair it.

Needless to say this has not been the most pleasant introduction to matter. Guess that’s what I get for going in on bleeding edge tech.

I’ve got a Tapo S505D that connected easily to HA using the QR code. It was a few months ago, but I do seem to remember that I had to temporarily disable Wireguard on my phone in order to add the device. Mine is also on 1.0.0 firmware so if yours is newer, that also might be why yours won’t pair.

This switch is in use many times a day on an automation and it’s never failed. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to pair it with the Tapo app since HA doesn’t generate a new pairing code.

Update - Added a TP-Link Tapo TS15 and provisioned with Tapo app. Again, could not connect to HomeAssistant.

Reset everything, removed from Tapo App and added back. HomeAssistant found it and I was able to repeat several times.

The key difference was that I had renamed the device in the Tapo App when it failed to find it. This seems to be an obstacle to adding the device into home assistant.

When it was called “Gym Fan” it would not add but when called “Smart Switch” (the default TP Link / Tapo name) it added without problem.

Correlation != Causation but I’m hoping this might help someone.

I think the hardware for these switches is as nice as the Lutron Caseta I have been using for 5+ years and the price is way better. FWIW, Lutron had plenty of problems integrating the hub with HA years ago due to encryption so these “Matter teething pains” are to be expected.

I feel like I’m missing something from your steps. I’m having similar issues with the KS205. Once I add it to my wifi with the Kasa app, I’m no longer able to pair with Matter

Are you using the default device name and not changing anything?

Does the Kasa or Tapo App find the device. I think from what I read that TP Link is migrating everything to the Tapo App from Kasa, but I don’t know if that matters.

I just finished installing a Kasa KS225 and ran into the same issue the first time I tried adding it to HA, but I came across this issue on GH that matched the error I was seeing in my logs. Seems it was fixed last week, and sure enough after updating and resetting the switch, the setup worked flawlessly.

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Was very hopeful with your post, but I jsut tried with Core version 2024.1.5, and still got the same issue :frowning: