Faster way to reload automations?


I just started with HA and I’m trying to write some automations and blueprints in yaml. Debugging is a bit slow, because I couldn’t find a real fast way to repload changed automations or blueprints. The fastest way I found is pressing c and scrolling down to “Reload Automations”. But the scrolling is a bit unnerving to be honest… Is there a faster possibility, perhaps just assigning “Reload automations” to a hot-key? Or to sort the entries which are appearing when pressing c to make “reload automations” on top?

c → type reload au → select first choice

not possible

You can make a button in your frontend that reloads automations by calling the service via tap_action

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developers tools —> yaml/yaml configuration reloading?

or create an automation?

service: automation.reload
data: {}
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Thank you, both works fine. Very helpfull.