Feed Google assistant with an microphone audiostream


I have securitycameras in (or in close proximity) to every room in my house, these constantly feeds my alarm system and in some ways my home assistant instance with data like audio/video and snapshots. I recently started using google assistant with my home assistant instance and it works great, the problem though is that I need to use my phone or tablet to control it. Instead I want to see if it’s possible to use the audiostream from my cameras to feed into google assistant, effectively creating around 60 “google home” devices without any additional cost (yes I have a big house).

As every camera have it’s own audio stream and constantly listens to the surroundings, would it be possible to fake this audiostream to be seen as a microphone on google assistant? If it works, it would effectively give me the option to say “OK Google” anywhere in my house and then proceed with the command. First and foremost I would like to see if any of you could lead me in the right direction. I’ve googled for days but haven’t found anything useful, maybe some of you here on the forum has already implemented this in their own setup.

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