Ferraris meter in combination with solar panels (energy feed-in)

Being still on a Ferraris meter (for good reasons) and having solar panels on the roof I was wondering whether someone ever encountered a solution that is able to read a ferraris meter that can be turn both clockwise and anti-clockwise depending on usage and solar power delivered. Sufficient solutions available that can read Ferraris meters in general but these do not work in combination with solar panels resulting in return delivery (negative usage).

Probably two optical sensors next to eachother. Depending on which one is triggered first, you can determine in which direction the disc is spinning.
How many kwp are your solar panels?

Sounds sensible, let’s give that a try. 3.6kW so on sunny days we’re definitively feeding in energy.

I’m in the same situation.
The grid is connected to the house through an old Ferraris counter where the disk can spin in both directions depending on the house consuming or producing electricity.
The solar panels are connected to the house and has it own counter (with digits and one blinking led). It (hopefully :wink: ) will count up kwh.

If you succeed to count disk revolutions and rotation direction, I would be very interested by the way you did it.