Fiabro RGBW and color picker issues


I have a Fibaro RGBW controller (Z-wave) installed (which results in 6 devices).
I have the 1-5 devices to right; on/off and sliders for color.
When clicking on the menu on device 6 (dots) the color picker shows up.
In the color picker RED it is always selected which can be seen on the screenshot below (you see that 45% green is the actual color).

If I then click on the Blue (as shown with the crosshair above) it changes the color but the color pickers stays on Red.

Any idea why that happens?
Running HassOS on Raspberry Pi and it is fully updated.

Can you paste the state of the light from the HA dev tools. I think the color picker is using the hs_color, so perhaps that is no set (correctly) in your case.

I set all green via

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer ${MY_TOKEN}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"entity_id": "light.albin_rgbw_level_6", "rgb_color": [0, 255, 0]}' \

The Green channel has status:

brightness: 255
node_id: 7
value_index: 0
value_instance: 4
value_id: '288230376273969153'
friendly_name: Albin RGBW (3) green
supported_features: 17

Color picker (channel 6) has state:

brightness: 255
  - 5.823
  - 100
  - 255
  - 24
  - 0
  - 0.696
  - 0.303
node_id: 7
value_index: 0
value_instance: 1
value_id: '72057594160185345'
power_consumption: 57.9
friendly_name: Albin RGBW Level (6)
supported_features: 17

So it seems that hs_color is not updated but also rgb_color seems wrong (value 24 ?! ).

As a test you could try setting hs_color through the service. If you are quite certain that there is a bug, open an issue. This sounds like backend/core and not frontend.

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Reported it: