Fibaro Double Relay Switch FGS221 not updating status

Since a few months I’m a happy Home Assistant user. It runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen 5 Z-Wave USB stick.
It’s connected to different z-wave switches.

The problem is with the Fibaro FGS221 not reporting the status. When I flip the switch on the wall the light turns ons, but the state of the switch keeps off inside Home Assistant. In Home Assistant I can controll the light, but when the wall switch is used there is a missmatch so I need to tap it twice.

I already did a reset of the switch and re-added it to Home Assistant. Is there a way to let the wall switch report his status back to Home Assistant?

No tips on how to include the Fibaro FGS-221 switch?

It’s included as a secure device via the Home Assistant Z-Wave panel.

I have the same problem with the Fibaro Wall Plug Gen5.
Works fine with Alexa and Siri, but the Status in HA does not update most of the time.
So I have to click twice.
I habe no solution.

My thread with gif

It looks like there are more people with the same issue with a FGS 221 and FGS 222.
I found a topic on the OpenHAB forum with the same problem (Fibaro FGS-222 not updating - #39 by OMR - Home Automation - openHAB Community)

It looks this solves the issue on OpenHAB

as written in the linked topic the issue seems to be resolved with this configuration for sw1:
{ zwave=“7:command=SWITCH_BINARY” }
and this for sw2:
{ zwave=“7:2:command=SWITCH_BINARY” }
now all the wall switches are updating their statuses to openhab.

I don’t have a clue on how to do this kind of config inside Home Assistant. Is there maybe someone with some tips on this?

Thanks in advance.

Any updates on this issue since it still isn’t fixed as it seems to me.

It’s still not fixed for me. I live with it for now.
I think there’s nobody with a FGS221 and 2-way communication in HASS…

I personally do not have a clue on how to fix this.

Anyone has any info about how to fix this? It seems to work in openhab, so it does not seem to be an openzwave issue. I have a couple of FGS221 devices. They work properly with the Fibaro home center, but not with Home Assistant.

Same issue, but only with FGS221 that has: application_version: 1.04
I have 2 other FGS221 that give status back, they are: application_version: 1.06

Is this a kind of firmware that can be updated on FGS221??

I had similar issues at first, untill i moved the location of my controller …