Fibaro FGK10x Door Sensor (v1 Gen5) - water alarm


I have some problem to get my sensor to work as expected. I want to measuere the pool temperature but also create a water alarm to my sump tube.

So the temp sensor is working but I have also connected two cables to IN and gnd and when they are shorten the binary sensor should go on etc.

The problem is that when the cables is shorten the binary sensor does not go to state on. I must un-shorten the cables and then the binary sensor goes to state on.

So like a “double tap” - so to change the state I must connect and un-connect the cables for the sensor to trigger.

I have changed the config so P1. is external switch and also changd p20. to water alarm.

So, please help =)


Changing P1 to default seems to do the trick.

Will test some more