Fibaro integration add configure button and https support

Both HC2 and HC3 support https through a self signed Fibaro certificate.
Please add support for this in the integration.
The graphical configuration is missing a configure button. Please Add.
In case of an ip number change of the HC you need for now setup the intergration again.


Just switched from HC2 to HC3 and first configured and tested everything with the admin/admin password.
After everything was set up, all passwords were changed, with the result that I could set up everything again in Home Assistant and assign it to the right Area.
A button to update the login credentials data will be welcome. (not only for Fibaro but also for the other intergrations)

Changing the credentials in /config/.storage/core.config_entries did not help.

Experienced the same issue and made a rquest at the Github side for either the possibilty to change username/password or add some info to the documentation.

Release 2023.3.0 added https support for the HC2 and HC3. I can confirm it works for the HC3.