Fibaro Integration and Dimmer Entities Missing Brightness Control

I am using the native Fibaro integration with a Home Center 3 Lite.

Everything seems to be working quite well except for the 2 dimmable lights I have added (so far). I am migrating to the HC3L from a Vera Plus where I had no issues with the dimmable lights.

If look at the entities via Developer Tools

Vera Plus - Aeotec Nano Dimmer
` - brightness
current_power_w: 0
current_energy_kwh: 214.5
Vera Device Id: 59
friendly_name: Kitchen Lights
icon: mdi:wall-sconce-flat
supported_features: 1

HC3L - Aeotec Nano Dimmer
` - onoff
fibaro_id: 147
current_power_w: 0
current_energy_kwh: 4.2
friendly_name: Dining Room Lights
icon: mdi:ceiling-light
supported_features: 0

Vera Plus - Aeotec ZW098 RGB Globe
` - hs
Vera Device Id: 6
friendly_name: T**** Lamp
icon: mdi:floor-lamp
supported_features: 17

HC3L - Aeotec ZW098 RGB Globe
` - hs
fibaro_id: 105
friendly_name: P**** Lamp
icon: mdi:floor-lamp
supported_features: 16

I can see the supported_features of both are missing the ā€˜1ā€™ for brightness control.

Any ideas? I can adjust the brightness all ok via the HC3L interface.

I have spoken with another user who is running a HC3 and they are also missing the brigtness control for their Dimmer lights. Iā€™m guessing this mean the Fibaro integration needs an update?

I have created an issue on GitHub