Fibaro report status device

It is possible to attach “dead” and “deadReason” from properties of devices to devices attributes on HA?
I found a motion sensor dead on Fibaro gateway and on HA side nothing tells me that status, only nothing changes.
@frenck is this possible to integrate?
I have some urgent need to get status of devices.

Hi. You did not get any feedback, so I push this topic a bit, instead of creating a new, identical one.

I see that the API that is used by homeAssistant does provide the dead property itself in my little test here

where 219 is a device that has lost connection (e.g. battery died):

It would be possible to create a small script to check regularily for that property, but maybe we can add this to the home assistant integration. I’ll keep updating this thread as I progress, but I would be happy to get Interrupted by somebody with helpful comments in mind :slight_smile:
best regards

@rappenze : Hi. I just readlized that you are both, the owner of the wrapper api repository as well as the last contributer. Can you comment on this please? would it be a big deal to add the “dead” attribute ? (and “dead reason”)

that should not be a big thing to add.

I think for such attributes which do not change often HA suggest to add them as extra state attributes.

What do you think is the better approach, add them as extra state attributes or add it as separate sensor’s?

Also is it required to add both or shoul we just add a deadReason which is empty when the device is not dead?

Looking a bit deeper there is an available attribute which should be set based on dead attribute…

@openPhiL Home Assistant freezes attributes when a device is unavailable and even drops the attributes on HA restart. But I think having the entity unavailable state is much more important then having the dead reason. So I created a pull request which just set’s the available state of the entity and does not provide the dead reason, I hope that is matching most of your expectations.

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Hi @rappenze , thank you!
sorry for the late response, haven’t checked back here, guess I should enable some kind of email notification :slight_smile:

I agree with your thoughts! The reason is not really important, but knowing that the device is unresponsive is. So making a sensor “unavailable” if the batterie died is a perfect solution to my problem. I then go, replace the battery and this is (so far) always the solution :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!
Thanks again!