Fibaro RGBW-2 (FRGBW-442) to control 4 single-colour LED strips


Running HA core 2021.10.2 with Zwave-js2MQTT 0.26.0

I’ve got several Fibaro RGBW-1 z-wave modules doing this very happily (several entities show up, with an RGBW one that controls all 4 channels, and a separate light entity for each channel, so you can use that output in isolation for a single strip light).

I can’t get either of my RGBW-2 modules to do this. Five light entities show up, but only the first one turns any LEDs on, and it shows up as an RGBW device with colour wheel etc, so you have to pick the right colour to selectively dim/use each strip! The remaining four light entities do not seem to do anything.

I can’t find any clues in the zwave config for the device, or manuals, or forums so far :frowning:

Can you check Z-Wave → Device → Configuration if you can do device specific configurations?

I moved my RGBW Controller from the Fibaro HC3 to HA-ZwaveJS but I am dissapointed to see the control of 4 single colour led strips is not supported. I can’t even read out the input signals from the device with which I could create my own scenes again.

did you manage to resolve this issue in the meantime?

Is this still an issue?

I’m using the standard zwavejs addon and I need to control 4 single color led strips with one device. Is there anything stopping me from using the four (RGBW) channels on four different strips instead of one?