Fibaro Roller Shutter using zwave2mqtt


I’m trying to move to zwave2mqtt so my zwave network doesn’t need a rebuild on every home assistant restart.

The auto discovery for the device detects it as a light instead of a cover.

The payload I receive when the window changes state is:

mosquitto_sub -t 'zwave2mqtt/Hearth_Vent/38/1/0'

With 99 being fully open and 0 would be fully closed.

To set this value I send:

mosquitto_pub -t 'zwave2mqtt/Hearth_Vent/38/1/0/set' -m '99'

Can someone help me in how I configure this in HA? I managed to get it sort of working with an mqtt.cover however the stop didn’t work (I don’t know how to implement that) and there was no way to set the position in the HA UI.