Fibaro Rollershutter 3 configuration

Hello, my name is Ribo from Switzerland and I started my home automation system :grinning:
I am using my Home Assistant Raspberry 4, HA version 2020.12.7 based on OS 5.9
My first project is the integration via open Zwave module devices from the Fibaro roller shutter 3 - FGR-223.
Step 1 was successful, the electrician installed the module and we did not make any adjustments. It, it runs, up and down, for that I created an automation with the HA user interface. But here I have my first concern, the electricity, this consumes electricity, even when the motor does nothing (0.29kWh). I think that’s not good
Step 2, I started with it, but it doesn’t work. How can I e.g. when these are down, set them at a right angle (90) and only start up later. Or when the sun is shining, go down and tilt the lambs.
Is there anyone with experience who can help me with this?
Many Thanks

Salut Ribo,

Je me me permets de déterrer ton post.

Je suis également en Suisse et je regarde pour domotiser mes stores.

As-tu trouvé une solution pour l’inclinaison des lames ?

Merci d’avance et bonne journée.