Figuring out RGBW GPIO on Tasmota

I bought these rebranded Tuya e27 RGBW: Full Color WiFi E27 Classic Bulb | I flashed one with Tasmota and upgraded to version 10.

I now have the following template that works for one bulb:

{“NAME”:“Nedis RGBW”,“GPIO”:[0,0,0,0,2912,416,0,0,0,2976,2944,0,0,4704],“FLAG”:0,“BASE”:18}

Together with Setoption 37 128

Now this works perfectly for 1 out of the 4 bulbs? Is there any chance the GPIO layout is randomized in some way? And if so is there a way to figure it out…

The integration into HA works great otherwise but that 25% success rate confuses me.

It appears the pinout differs since the Tuya bulbs have ESP chips for the same product…
The two different pinouts can be configured using:
For ESP8285: json {"NAME":"ESP8285 Tuya","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,141,140,0,0,37,142,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}
For ESP8266EX: json {"NAME":"ESP8266EX Tuya","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,140,37,0,0,0,142,141,0,0],"FLAG":1,"BASE":18}