Filter sensor at time

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Please, add filter for sensors at time. For example, at 03:00 I reboot my sensor. It give wrong random data. It is very hard to remove it with existing filters. I need window from 02:55 to 03:10 to take last sensor data, and stop use if from real sensor, as it is wrong and random at such time

So you have a sensor which is only correct 10 minutes in the middle of the night and then reports garbage data the rest of the day? Seems a bit odd but ok.

Not sure if/when this will get taken up but as a workaround couldn’t you use a time-based automation to copy the value of your sensor to an input_text or input_number at 3AM? Then you can just use that input in your automation and ignore the actual sensor otherwise.

Thanks you for idea with automation. Everything is just as you said, except that the trash is only 10 minutes a day

I’d just make a template sensor that ignores updates during the 10 minute window.

Yes, nice solution with template sensor