Finally I cut over to HA

Well I have been working with home automation for the last 5 year plus and I finally cut over to Home Assistant with about 45 devices most Z-wave and half dozen Zigbee.

My last straw was with Vera which was pretty good and tolerable up until the latest firmware where it brought down all of my cameras, and several key monitoring devices. What put the nail in the coffin was they decided to pull back the upgrade because there were several reports that they didn’t listen to folks raise major issues were not address, and the attitude of the company to folks that were vetting about the sloppy deployment was disappointing to hear from their customer services folks, and on top of it the emailed me and want open remote access to revert me back to the prior firmware and want to wipe all the device configurations.

Now I am totally on HA and feel like I have more control of my home devices and do not have to rely on the internet, off shore folks logging into my home network, and flexibility to be able to manage a lot of options where I was limited on Vera, ST, and Iris.

I have a VM runinng Hassio on my Limetech server taking advantage of having backups, UPS, and Security.

One happy camper.


Welcome fellow unRaid user. Running HA in a docker container myself with a few other container add-ons such as MQTT, dockermon, MySQL, etc. Very solid and super quick on restarts and anything else. Using a HUSBZB-1 stick for Zwave and Zigbee.

Yep…I am running a vm instead of docker, I like Hassio and some of the addons…I would prefer to run Hassio on docker but have not found a hassio docker. I am also using HUSBZB-1 stick for Zwave & Zigbee. It is fast and super reliable for sure.

Don’t discard the Vera as Z-Wave hub/interface, OpenZwave was nothing but trouble for me.

I only played with Hassio a bit but isn’t that basically a setup with docker containers? I just added the add-on’s I wanted myself in the unRaid docker tab. I didn’t really see the advantage to the Hassio after messing with the add-on’s and such as it was easier to maintain/troubleshoot myself in unRaid.

No issues with Zwave/Zigbee here but I only have a few devices of that, I stick to WiFi devices for stationary products mainly. I tried the whole SmartThings thing for a few months, then found HA, then I did the ST MQTT hub nightmare thing until I pulled the plug on ST and went full 100% HA. Love it and haven’t looked back.

Interesting comment, for me I am finding the Vera interface and set up nice but lacks the ability to get the full available customized features of my z-wave devices. And most importantly the stabilization and security of the platform is not up to my particular standards. One think I did like about Vera is that it wasn’t reliant on the internet, this feature was a plus as well. Now that I switched to HA I feel and have solved most of my issues when it comes to my home automation. This doesn’t go without saying that there is a learning curve for folks that don’t have an IT, scripting/programing, and or RF background. However with the community, youtube, and the right selection for a controller, and devices you can make one heck of a Home Automation platform.

I will have to check out the docker version, I think the only Hassio addons I really use is the IDE, and Appdaemon which I know I could probably get separate dockers for those.

Not familiar with the IDE, I played with the Appdaemon docker this morning to see if I could install it. It installed fine but it kept saying the dashboards and API were disabled in the logs but alas I’m not well versed on it.