FIND3 Internal Positioning

It’s been a while since I’ve used FIND but it seems to have been updated a bit since. I’ve switched over to and would love to have an add-on for it.

I’ve read about 802.11mc a lot here lately with the release of Android P coming soon we should have access to another internal positioning setup but for the people not getting Android P anytime soon FIND would be good alternative and possibly better I have no clue really.

I’d love to have the find3 app functionality in-built, as well.

I just came across Find3, and I’d also be interested in having an add-on to run the server part from

I was a fan of find3 for a long time, but the app stopped working correctly on Android 11 and 12beta. It just keeps crashing on the devices I have in my home.

Pixel 3a xl and some couple-year-old Samsung devices.

Room assistant might be a better option.