Finding and editing configuration.yaml with Notepad++

When I open http://myip.:8123/dev-info it tells me

Path to configuration.yaml: /config

But that directory doesn’t even exist. Is there something in the WebUI that tells me the correct path? And when I have found the path, I’m trying to edit the file using WinSCP, but every time I save I get a permission editor. Is there a better way? I’d like to use Notepad++ to do this.

If you’re using then that is the correct location.

You can simply install Samba and share the files that way.

That IS the correct path. The page literally tells you where it is in the system it’s running.

Are you using hassio? How are you SSHing into the server?

I used a command line script to install, so I don’t think I’m using hassio proper. If I decide to use an image, will I be able to install over Linux apps and have a root login?

If you used the alternative install or Dale’s installer then you still installed

As flamingm0e said, the information in that page comes from the running system - it can’t be wrong :wink:

Now, if you used either of those, you have a root login to the underlying system. You still can’t install Linux apps in the Home Assistant container, and you don’t have direct root access to that container.