Firmware updates?

Thanks Petro,
But my question was. When is this function comming to Z-wave JS. (not ZwaveJS2MQTT)?

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You can view the roadmap here:

It looks like it’s just waiting for a developer to add it to the frontend. Front end developers are hard to come by, I would wager that it’ll be added sometime within the next year. Don’t hold me to that though as it’s all based on volunteers.


Thanks Petro. :grinning:

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But how can I update firmware of other devices like Qubino, Sunricher (ZV2835RAC-NF) or TechniSat.
Thex provide OTA firmware upade, eg. from Sunricher ZV2835RAC-NF manual: “The dimmer supports OTA and can update firmware wirelessly.

But non of them provide a firmware .hex file.
How can the update be started?

Step 1: Obtain the firmware update from the manufacturer

Step two?
Step three?

Does anyone know at least a somewhat accurate time of arrival of the needed Zwave-JS update, where firmware updates will be supported?
At Zwave-JS GitHub the roadmap does not say anything about it and the roadmap topic is closed, so I hesitate to ask there in a separate topic.
Well, this functionality is on the roadmap for age’s now and I can nowhere see a sign of getting closer.

As I also need to update some devices in near future, I would be happy knowing at least, if it is worth to wait for some weeks longer, or I really have to start fiddling around with alternative way’s I’m not familiar with and could lead to unwanted results…

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Home Assistant is a volunteer based system. No one knows when it will be added until someone says “Hey I’m going to add that”.

FYI the ZWaveJS2MQTT addon can update firmware. If you went with the ZwaveJS addon, you’ll have to attempt to swap over to ZwaveJS2MQTT in order to use it there.

I know all of that. Well, I bravely followed the advice of HA to go ZwaveJS at the time, when the deprecation of the Zwave addon was announced.
It was a painful migration back then and I do really hesitate to make such switch again. Everything works now for months and I’m afraid to touch it.
If it then was clearly marked somehow, that the MQTT version is way better, I had made different choice.

Well, on the roadmap of ZwaveJS the firmware updates are marked as WS API ready, awaiting frontend changes. What does that mean? It feels to me like - we are close… But as said, it’s months like this now.

Understand me correct, I’m not pushing anyone to work harder. I’m just trying to find information, which I do need to make the right choices.

If it is a question of some weeks of waiting, I choose waiting, not touching a working system.
But if it could be years, I do have to regret, I did follow the advice of HA, and start the next migration again…

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It means someone needs to add the control into the UI.

Because we have very few frontend volunteers.


You’re asking an un answerable question. It could be weeks, months, or years.

I guess we’re stuck - unless we have the will and the nerve to ‘migrate’ from ZWaveJS to ZWaveJSMQTT. The threads on that subject are a mixture of “it should go ok if you do all these steps correctly” and the occasional horror story of losing all the device/entity names and having to pound them all in again by hand. My Zwave setup is currently working and I’m not going to mess with it.

The US is experiencing massive job turnover and developers are in short supply. So, many volunteer projects are probably all but dead and for now. HA is what it is and its future progress may be a lot slower than the recent past.

HA is working well for me but at this point I won’t invest further in ZWave devices because of the lack of diagnostics and utilties in ZWaveJS.

One alternative would be to run HA on a Windows system where the Silicon Graphics ZWave utilities are available.

Another alternative would be if a knowledgeable person wrote a solid and clear guide for migrating to ZWaveJS MQTT .

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@railrene supplied this link to switch from JS to JS-MQTT, but the documentation is not for HAOS 7.6. I added some tips to the discussion Zwavejs2mqtt OTA firmware upgrade?

Which kind of brings up a pet peeve of mine, Commenters making claims like zwavejs2mqtt supports OTA update (Over the Air) of other nodes but not explaining how. We’re here to learn, not to be lectured. Another pet peeve is Software Updates without documentation … No job is done until the paperwork is finished.

Another question, How does one know when the firmware update process is complete?


Sorry, never done it. Just know it exists.

This is my question as well - how to?

For unknown reason the option is not shown in Zwave2mqtt

any ideas?

From the picture, looks like you are under the advanced menu of the controller.
Use the green advanced button under nodes instead. You likely will see a different menu.

BTW how did you manage to get the hex file for this MultiSensor 6?

Maybe Qubino is different, but I got mostly Fibaro and they refuse to supply firmware files. So although I’m on zwavejs2mqtt i’m dead in the water as well. Fibaro requires you to use their Homecenter (lite) to do the update. Some shops will also do it for you, but that means you have to physically and logically take it out.

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