First time hass command - always stuck at the same componen

Hi people,

so I’ve manually installed home assistant on my Raspberry Pi 3+ running raspbian.

Now when I enter the hass command (for the first time) everything starts loading properly until it always gets stuck at “Loaded sonos from homeassistant.components.sonos”.
I do have a sonos, is that why it’s stuck? Should I just wait or turn off the sonos for now?

Thanks in advance!

How long did you wait?

It’s not uncommon for the first start to take 20 to 30 minutes, during which it’s downloading, sometimes compiling, and installing packages. Some of this you can check by watching top to see what’s going on.

Hey Tinkerer,
thanks for the help. After waiting for a while I just unplugged the sonos. That was enough. I just plugged it back in afterwards and added it to the devices.