Fixed: Dodgy router ... Trouble after power restored

Solved/Fixed: Dodgy Router.

Hi, sorry to bother you :slight_smile:

I’ve had to disconnect the main power to my house for electrical work. now my Hassio won’t perform correctly.

It doesn’t seem to connect to urls for the sensors. Neato won’t connect, Nissan won’t connect, google api won’t connect. it’s odd.

Also, Nest and Darksky won’t connect.

I have an old setup on my windows PC that I have run to check connections and that works fine. Any ideas / need more info?

Anything I can type to test in ssh?

Just a thought. This all sounds more like a router needs to be reconfigured, not your HA.

Thanks, I’m looking into that too.

TBH, I think I have too many connections on my Tenda router :confused:

Thanks, sorted now :slight_smile: