Flag to run pip and exit

I’d like to see an option to run pip and then exit

The use-case for this is to streamline home-assistant upgrades on slow platforms (like arm).

Usually after upgrading home-assistant, the first startup will take long as pip goes out and upgrades everything that isn’t “core”. It would be much cooler if after upgrading the home-assistant package from pip, I could then run the new package before I stop the running version to upgrade all of the pip dependencies, and then exit. Then I could restart home-assistant and have it load much faster.

Another use-case is for docker containers. If I want to containerize my home-assistant, it would be great if I could have the pip installations happen during the docker-build phase using this same flag in my Dockerfile. As a bonus, this means I could fetch and build my home-assistant dependencies on hardware stronger than my pi’s cpu and faster than my pi’s SD card (on my laptop, for example, either using cross-compiling targetting arm, or just running “normally” from inside qemu)

Yes, this would be great to minimize downtime during upgrades. Sometimes the dependencies can take a long time, like a new version of OpenZWave that needs to be compiled when pip upgrades the python module.