Flash esphome on Shelly PLus using custom firmware

In the Shelly Plus web interface (FW version 0.12.0) there is an option to upload a custom firmware. Could we use this to upload a ESPHome binary? Would that work? Anyone tried this with success?

i’ve just seen it, interested to know too !

The Shelly expects a zip file with the bin files and a manifest.json that describes the memory layout, where each bin files has to be flashed and can also initialize some memory areas with a fill factor (all 0 or 1 or something like that). Also SHA1 and SHA256 codes for each file is listed. Just download a shelly firmware and open the zip file

The question is what does ESPHOME need? I know the compiler generates a bin file. At which memory address does it need to be flashed? Does it need a boot file? Which boot file? Where at esphome.io (or github) can I find this info?