Flashing light not working Tradfri bulb

Does anyone know if the Tradfri bulbs are capable of flashing? In Developer Tools → Services when I try the following nothing happens.

service: light.turn_on
  flash: long
  entity_id: light.bathroom

I’m attempting to raise some awareness in our household on shower time (given the current energy prices). I use HA already for some automations and thought to use the Boiler Frame sensor (from my OTGW integration) to start a timer and after 4 minutes start flashing the Ikea GU10 Tradfri lights which are connected to HA via the Tradfri gateway.

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Same problem here. Did you find a fix?

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I tested your code with some of my Tradfri bulbs and it works fine. The light turn on, flashes (though the difference between brightest and dimmest level of light is too small to my taste - not going full brightness at max, nor going really low) and then turns off… Same of the light was previuously turned on - it flashes and returns to previous brigtness.
I’m using deconz integration with conbee II stick, if it might make some difference…