Flciker Power Outage: How to re-integrate devices after rapid power on/off

I had a power outage this morning. When the power went out, it flickered on & off several times before it went out completely. (~10 seconds total).

I have numerous devices that have to be powered on and off repeatedly in order to reset. All of these devices (both Zigbee & Wifi) are now in a factory-state.

This has happened once before, and I had to go through and manually reconfigure each device, which was time consuming, but not the end of the world.

However, my setup is far more complex today than it was the last time this happened. If I have to manually re-configure each device, and then each and every automation that uses these devices I just may go nuts.

Is there a way to reconnect the devices, and then let Home Assistant know to remap the “new” devices into the place of the “old” devices universally in all automation, etc?