Flicd causing bluetooth issues on Raspi3


I’ve recently set up a new Hass.io build on Raspi3. Everything has been working really well, including a bluetooth based device tracker, which worked impressively quickly and with surprisingly good coverage throughout the house. I used the Raspi3 built-in bluetooth receiver by deploying the BCM43xx add-on.

Recently, I decided to experiment with some Flic switches. I installed the flicd add-on from Philipp Schmitt’s repository. For a time, it worked very nicely. I was able to get my Flic switches recognised and the bluetooth device tracker continued to go just fine.

But a couple of days later, the bluetooth device tracker isn’t working at all, and the flicd add-on keeps stopping. Logging seems very light on - the only clue I’m getting is the following, which offers very little additional detail:


Restarting containers / HA / the whole pi variously provides some relief but never for very long. I’ve seen comments that the built-in bluetooth receiver can cause large CPU spikes, but CPU is consistently very low (typically below 10%, occasionally spikes to 20%), so seems unlikely.

Any others with experience of this and / or suggestions?



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I’m getting similar instabilities with flicd on a seperate pi Zero only over the last few weeks (was previously working perfectly).

It started around the same time as HASS 0.70 dropped. I’m not sure if it’s a hass issue or the pizero bluetooth stack updates recently through an apt-get update?

But when I am trying to do things with flicd directly through simpleclient my SSH sessions into the pizero keep crashing (it is fine until I start trying to connect flic’s).