Floor heating - different approach to indoor temperature control

Hello Forum,

Currently I have one traditional thermostat with probe to control my floor heating temperatures- it’s installed next to the water pump and is set to keep water temperature at around 27 degrees Celsius, which keeps my entire floor temperature at around 19-24 C, depending on external temperatures, wind and so on.

My idea is to replace that thermostat with:

  • zigbee thermostat (is there any that can open/close smoothly?) or a valve?
  • room temperature sensor or/and outside temperature sensor??
  • water temperature probe/sensor next to the thermostat

Based on the data gathered by sensors, I’d like the thermostat to oscillate smoothly to keep solid 21C inside, by changing water temperature to the desired level by reducing water flow i the system.

For example, when outside temp is -10 C, water would be @30C, and when outside temperature is 0, it would set water temp to 23C, and so on.
Also, for example when inside temperature is over 22,5, it would reduce water temp by 2 C…
Of course I would have to play with the setting for some time to find optimal values.
Also, as we all know pipes in floor heating heat and cool at a period of hours, so this has to be taken into consideration as well.

Do you think this is possible and might be the right path?
I don’t want to install anything inside floor heating distributor atm.