Flush-Mounted Dimmers for Homematic IP Integration (HmIP-FDT & HmIP-FSM)

The flush-mounted dimmers are not supported from Homematic IP integration. This component is often used and should be integrated if possible. It would be great if someone could find the time to take a look on it. (HmIT-FDT, HmIP-FSM). Thank you in advance to spend the time to do …

P.S.: I will donate a box of beer for whom who spend kindly the time to intergarte these both components (HmIT-FDT, HmIP-FSM) and solve my issue :slight_smile:

Error-Message: There is no class for FULL_FLUSH_DIMMER yet

hmm, if it needs to be integrated ASAP, then i think you should start working on it.

if not then you can kindly ask, if someone, maybe at some point, could find the time, to take a look if and how it could be integrated.

Sorry for my impolite wording … of course it should be a very kind request … and to give my words more weight I want to apologize for that and promise I will donate a box of bear for whom who spend kindly the time to intergarte this component and solve my issue :slight_smile:

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