FordPass Integration

Hi Guys, I’m struggling with this. I have it installed and the remote start and door locks work, however, the only way to refresh data is to remove the vehicle and add it again. I have a script running every 15 minutes (and I have ran it manually as well), calling combinations of fordpass.clearTokens, fordpass.refresh_status, and fordpass.poll_api (see code below). However nothing updates the data.

action: - service: fordpass.clear_tokens metadata: {} data: {} - service: fordpass.refresh_status metadata: {} data: {} - service: fordpass.poll_api metadata: {} data: {}

Edit: Solved - I just determined what the issue was. Apparently HA needs to be restarted after the vehicle is added (I restarted after adding integration, but to get it to function correctly I restarted one more time, and that fixed the issue).

The Fordpass integration is not working anymore for me since May 8th. Am I the only one that’s having problems? Why is there no post about this on this community? Or am in the wrong place?

Same. It is mentioned on the github repo that it’s broken. Hopefully someone figures it out. I use this integration alot.

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Yeah same here, it has worked quite a good while, but lately it is not working that well.

Developers are working on the new authentication method needed to bring this back to HA. Just an FYI.


Did this ever get fixed or are the Developers still trying to find a solution to this one?

I’m not able to log in and use this integration (first time user of this specific integration).

If you go out to the repository there is a rudimentary beta that does work. The developers haven’t released anything yet due to the new API keeps having changes.