Forgotten Garage door alarm (with shelly dw) - not so easy..?!

Dear friends,

I’m probably thinking too simply - or too complicatedly. I just want to get an alarm message by push message in the late evening (from time 21.32 p.m.), if I should have forgotten to close the garage door.

I have built the following:

Unfortunately, it does not work as I had hoped. I only get a message if I open the door manually after 21.32 p.m., i.e. change the state from closed to open.

Does anyone have a hot tip? I would hate to have to work with setting boolean values as a helper to implement this. The whole alerting would need a reasonable GUI in HA anyway I think. (Alarm, alarm pending, acknowledge, gone by itself…) Would be quite an important application area of HA…

Thanks a lot, Franz