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I hate the change on removing the HA icon from the top of the community page but keeping it when you scroll down through large messages.

I have clicked the icon & ended up at the main site several times today! :frowning: :rage:

… And the double toolbar is ugly af.

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and yes,

but come on… it’s still much better than it was.
Isn’t it?

Not in my opinion. The inconsistent experience spoils it.

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Might be ‘better’ overall, but the double toolbar spoils it and this just seemed like an opportunity to mention it somewhere where someone who can fix it might see it :wink:


Dawg, this is the “thank you” thread, go make your own :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I also miss my browser tab showing me the number of new or updated posts when I’m using Latest to browse.

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It looks like some of these concerns have been addressed, can you guys confirm/deny?

Inconsistency is confusing. Here is what I see at the top now, The boxed icon goes to the forum page.

Here is what I see if scrolled to the top. The boxed text goes to the forum page.

It’s even worse on mobile, with the toolbar for the browser, plus the blue toolbar, plus the white one, about a third of the screen is gone.

Why do we need the blue one anyway?

I just scrolled through another thread on my iPhone.
The top went from the double banner, changed to the forum text banner, & then changed again to the icon for the forum.

I am glad the admins test things before & after deployment :thinking:

Hi all,

We’ve had this setup for a while now. I personally like it, but I just wanted to check in and see how we are feeling now that it’s (maybe) grown on us.


Still dreadful. It’s a basic UX principle that you don’t have toolbars stacked on top of each other.

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I was looking more for any tweaks that people were looking for to improve it more now that we’ve all had time to see it in action. We don’t intend to remove it as it helps users access other Home Assistant resources quicker and Discourse doesn’t allow for implementing the kind of functionality the branded bar offers into the “lower” header bar. As for it being a basic UX principle, it’s an officially maintained theme component of Discourse and other popular Discourse forums (such as SmartThings) use it or similar “two bar” solutions to accomplish the same thing we are doing here.

Not the answer you were hoping for I’m sure, but thank you for your feedback anyway!

I looked into this one for you, it was a change made in Discourse itself and doesn’t appear to be one we can control sadly. More info.

EDIT: Wait, they re-added it after outcry. Democracy works, maybe! Change the “Background page title displays count of” setting to “New page content” and I think the behavior you want will return. Let me know if I’m wrong.

@anon43302295 How about now? I’ve combined the bars. Thoughts? Better?

Looks a lot better now. Nice job @robbiet480!

Much better, good work :sunglasses:

It looks like it does not, but I’ll be OK without it. Thank you for looking into it, though!

EDIT: It would help if I could read. I didn’t change the option… Trying it now.

EDIT 2: It worked! Thank you!

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Can I make one more suggestion about appearance please?

The new ‘back to top’ button should be the same colour as as the header bar, but with some transparency so it isn’t ‘in the way’ so you don’t have to move the page up and down to read what’s behind it…

(in fairness, the colour isn’t so much of a problem as the opacity, but I think the blue would be neater than the orange for that button)