Fresh install

i just installed hass.i on my my pi 3b plus after installing i can see in my ip and fling app but can not access it by hassio.local:8123 or with ip :8123 i cant access it both ways please help me i am using suitable power supply and a class 10 memory card kindly help me i am so disappointed

How long have you waited? The 20 mins in the instructions is sonetimes optimistic.

I had the same issue today. I resolved it by creating custom network configuration for eth0. Step 6 from the page below

“6. If you use a custom network configuration or have configured SSH development access, you need to create a configuration USB stick. Copy the resin-sample into the network folder on a USB stick and insert it into your device.”

Or there is video that explains how to use the USB stick to create the configuration here.

I did the following:
Reflash SD Card with Hassos 1.10
Format USB Stick as Fat32 and name the USB Stick CONFIG
Create network folder on USB stick
Create a file called system-connections (like below) and place in network folder on USB CONFIG Stick, replacing with your uuid and Ip Address:





Then insert usb stick and sd card in pi and power on. Wait at least 20 mins. Then try connecting with http://youripadress:8123

waited for hours

i did the same procedure
but nothing happened

but kindly tell me which ip goes here ? my router ip or the we want ?

The IP address of the raspberry pi.

it doesnt worked for me please help me

Did you put your own uuid in there?

Is your local network actually

Is your gateway actually

Did you really miss the initial [ before connection]? Or is that a mis-type.

Also are you using a wired connection?

i have succesfully reached the screen but i am stuck on the downloading page for hours

Did you follow this guidance?

yes i followed guidance?

Do you have unique UUID?
Why you changed powersave?
Since you are on ethernet, I would suggest to start with default settings.