Fresh setup for my Dad

Hi all.

I’m setting up a fresh install of home assistant to run my dad’s house.

I’m used to running lights in node red and have a mode flow for each set of lights.

I know I can do this in automations under HA. Iike having mode based lighting. But would love just to manage one or two automations that use the motion sensor name and the light to turn on the lights with same name.

I read somewhere on how to do this but I can’t remember where it was or what the feature is called and sending the name through …are there any guides on how to do this so I only have to manage one or two automations for lighting for the whole house.

Thank you very much

Hi, I just use Device trigger and then look for motion sensor… then link that to triggering a scene which are the lights that in the room.

Not sure if that helps or not.