Friendly_name with value from a state?

Is it possible to include a template state to a friendly_name in customizations or other way?

The goal i would like to achive is to change this

I have a card with 4 lines with values i have scraped from a webpage:

ST1 Gasprice                         12.34 kr
ST1 Gasprice Uppdated                    24/3
ST1 Ethanolprice                     11.22 kr
ST1 Ethanolprice Updated                 24/3

But i would love if i could have only two line, like this:

ST1 Gasprice - (24/3)               12.34 kr
ST1 Ethanolprice - (24/3)           11.22 kr

I tried this:

  friendly_name: ST1 Gasprice - ({{states.sensor.st1_st1_gas_date.state}})
  icon: mdi:gas-station

But no luck

There’s no way I know of to use variables in anything other than value_template: or data_template: It would be a nice feature request though.

I haven’t tried this but you might want to try to create a notify message that updates when “ST1 Gasprice Uppdated” gets updated. Then I think you can print the notify message on your front end in a group that you can format any number of variable into a form you like.

This is the example which looks like it can accept variable for front end display.

“message”: “The sun is {% if is_state(‘sun.sun’, ‘above_horizon’) %}up{% else %}down{% endif %}!”

Can you point me in the right direction here?
I have not found any information on how to get a notify message to appear on the frontend?
Maybe you think of persistent notification? I could use that but then i get that persistant notification on ALL my tabs.

I took a closer look and it doesn’t appear notify will work. I have confirmed that template sensor will work. I have a template sensor that takes google calendar event message and puts it into a status on the front end. I altered it so it shows that event message twice below.

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'eventmessage'
        value_template: '{{ states.calendar.calendar.attributes.message }} and {{ states.calendar.calendar.attributes.message }}'

Yes putting 2 sensor values into a 3:rd one and have that one in a card on the front end is actually a solution i can work with.
But still, a feature to be able to have the “friendly name” templated might be usefull.

Maybe this thread could be moved to feature request.


Reviving this old thread. I’m looking for this exact same feature. I don’t think it has been implemented…

More specifically, I have a switch that stays on for a pre-defined amount of time. That amount of time can be read from an attribute of a sensor. I would like to be able to display that attribute in the friendly_name of that switch in the front-end. Is that possible now?

I believe the only nod to this Feature Request is the friendly_name_template option in the Template Sensor integration.