Frigate deleting recordings even though recording is set to save ALL

My Config is as follows.

  enabled: True
    days: 7
    mode: all
      default: 14
      mode: motion

Im getting 10 second clips saved to my media folder, however if i check every 5 minutes or so, there is only about 5 minutes worth of clips saved. They are being deleted after 5 or so minutes.
Time is currently 9.31 am

after 2 minutes. time is currently 9.33


Nothing in the logs showing they are being deleted.

I can’t figure out why they are being deleted.
There is plenty of storage

Some log examples with the recording set to debug

However i did just see this

How is there less than 1 hour left with over 100gb

would be good to see a full screenshot of the storage page

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Honestly. It was more hassle than needed. I was running it as a HASSOS Addon in the VMWare virtual machine that my HASSOS is running on. Ive since moved to Docker for windows container just for Frigate and Im now passing my GPU through. Im getting 0 errors, and always showing the camera streams. Before, for some reason i would get no frames available shown on the frigate homepage all the time, even though the webrtc streams would always load fine. Now i have full access to a seperate hard drive with more storage.

The only thing i couldn’t figure out is how to pass the HASS config through to the docker, because i have an aqara G4 doorbell, and I want that in home assistant for events, and back to homekit for the ability to interact with the doorbell video and micrphone. For now, im running go2rtc addon in hass which allows me to do that just for the doorbell. All other cameras are sent using the homekit devices from frigate.

If you know how i can get the hass config into Frigate’s go2rtc to be able to add the homekit stream, that would be cool.