Frigate integration is broken with latest update

Hi all, this is driving me nuts and unsure if I should post here or on GitHub. Figure this would be a better place to start. I have HA installed via Docker container with Frigate running in another Docker container on the same server. Last week I updated HA, Frigate integration (I believe it updated), and my server to the latest versions (I don’t believe Frigate itself had an update). Now Frigate integration is broken. Frigate itself is still running fine and saving clips, but the integration with HA is no longer working.

I have tried removing the integration and redoing it, but I get this error when trying to connect the integration with my Frigate instance (see screenshot at bottom). I believe it’s what’s at the heart of it all. “BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable: ‘[–recordings path–]’” It seems like a Linux permissions issue maybe? I’m not terribly familiar with Linux permissions especially when data is being accessed across Docker containers. Anyone smarter than me have any ideas? Anything is greatly appreciated.

HA - 2024.4.3 (latest)
Frigate - 0.13.2 (latest)
Frigate integration - 5.1.0 (latest)

Likely [Support]: Error with Frigate Addon and SMB storage on OS 11.3 · Issue #9218 · blakeblackshear/frigate · GitHub

Thank you for this! Unfortunately I have the most up to date HA version and it’s still giving me the same issue.


My frigate is completely broken after upgrade as well. I cant figure out how to debug this - I see multiple errors in the logs. One of them being:

2024-05-26 11:02:56.072015587      self.detect_api = create_detector(detector_config)
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072017920    File "/opt/frigate/frigate/detectors/", line 18, in create_detector
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072019975      return api(detector_config)
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072022272    File "/opt/frigate/frigate/detectors/plugins/", line 41, in __init__
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072113030      edge_tpu_delegate = load_delegate("", device_config)
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072117419    File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/tflite_runtime/", line 162, in load_delegate
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072155123      raise ValueError('Failed to load delegate from {}\n{}'.format(
2024-05-26 11:02:56.072157882  ValueError: Failed to load delegate from

Any others…?

I think I will have to try to remove the entire frigate software and rebuild it somehow :frowning:

I’ve never seen that error before with my instance unfortunately. For my situation, Frigate just decided to start working again. I don’t know why, but maybe a week after I created this I was able to reconnect HA to Frigate via the integration. Nothing changed, I didn’t update HA or Frigate. I deleted some things to make some room, but it didn’t start working immediately when I made room, also it wasn’t full before that either. It’s weird.