Frigate Switch PI Cam Detect switch from off to ON alone


I have the frigate integration, and in the lovelace I have the switch to activate the detection. If I put the switch off, sometime the switch turns ON without any automation active. If I put the switch off, should it always stay in that situation…


Does anyone know what is going on?

Thanks in advance,


Odds are it is resetting to on when you restart frigate. Only way to say for sure is to check the logbook for that entity, but when frigate restarts it will default to what your configuration is set to.

Dear Crzynik,

Thanks for your help. But can’t detect wy the switch turns ON. This is my Register:

The red box is when I manually switch OFF, but each day the switch turns ON and I don’t know why… I dont have any automation or node red flux that turns ON the switch, and is a pity because some time the switch turns ON when I’m at home, and I don’t want this…