Fritzbox callmonitor

is the call monitor working for all fritzboxes?
i have added the callmonitor to my configuration, and i see a sensor in the frontend, but when i make a call, get a call, or anything is happening to the Phone, nothing happens to the sensor.

i got a fritzbox 7360 and i am running HA 0.40

Hi @ReneTode, is the call-monitor activated on the FB (dial #96*5*)?
This does not work from any phone like described in the docs.

i did activate it from my fritzfon.

you say it does not work from any Phone? so how do i activate it then?

Some docs say it must be activated from an analog phone, i can activate it with dect.

thanks. i found out my problem.
i tested from the mobile from my wife to our home line.
but on that mobile i also have fritz!app installed and it made a inhome call thats not registered :wink:

got it working, and activated through DECT.