Frontend error log: SyntaxError: invalid regexp group

Dear community,

I see the following error in HASS log:

2020-11-25 11:10:16 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202011112] SyntaxError: invalid regexp group

Is it a bug?

Frontend v20201111.2.

I’m seeing the exact same. I saw it while digging to try and understand why my ONVIF camera is no longer showing up in my lovelace dashboard after updating to 0.118.

I think it might be related to my ONVIF camera, because my testing default lovelace dashboard was also broken, showing only badges and the camera’s item (list, not the video), then nothing after that. Once I removed my ONVIF integration, everything else started appearing normally in lovelace again… but the message is still there, so it might actually be totally unrelated. Argh.

I don’t have ONVIF camera integrated into HASS. I see the following log in the browser console:

At the moment my HASS frontend does not start at all. It shows the icon with retry link. I think this is related to errors above. Jest yesterday it was working fine and I didn’t change anything on Apache. From Apache logs: - - [26/Nov/2020:13:32:19 +0100] "GET /api/websocket HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows ...) Gecko/... Firefox/..." TLSv1.3 TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384

Any help how to debug the error is welcome.

I have reported the issue here:
But I’m starting to think that it might just be noise, even though I am having trouble with getting my ONVIF camera streams to show up in lovelace, and that clicking on badges don’t work (it just “selects” them with a grey background, instead of showing the usual useful dialog).