Full width history_graph? / how to set HA to be one column only?

Any suggestions regarding how to get some full screen (well large at least / full width) graphs into the HA web interface? There is history_graph, however it doesn’t seem to expand to full width(?), ie when you have a full browser open and it wants to have multiple columns…

Other options? Example:

a) custom component - or would this have the same column width issue if hosted in HA web interface?
b) HADashboard - a dedicated dashboard component?
c) Custom web page - but issue there would be how you included dynamic data from HA? So unless there’s a way “hook in” to get the data
d) Worst case - write an AppDaemon app to create a HTML page with graph data and upload it once a minute to a web server you can look at it on, with full screen width?