Fully Kiosk: all devices with same entity name

I have 3 tablets, all Teclast P20S_EEA, where I installed Fully Kiosk and access Home Assistant from these.
I add the first device via the Fully Kiosk integration in Home Assistant. This gets the device model name: not an issue as I can edit the integration name and device name to tablet01 and all the entities align with the new name.
Then I add the second device, different IP, device name, network alias – nevertheless the integration seems to get the device model name – so the integration for tablet02 overwrite the first device tablet01.
At this stage I have no way to edit the device of the second Fully Kiosk: they are all merged together:

Has this happened to anyone else? What should be done to distinguish between mutiple Fully Kiosk devices?

FWIW this Fully Kiosk Browser Merging Entities · Issue #77722 · home-assistant/core (github.com) seems to address the issue

Hi republic 1815, I am interested to buy the Teclast tablet P20. Could you please confirm me it works well or just fine with Fully kiosk integration and home assistant ? Thanks for your help and reply