Fully Kiosk wake from external device

I’m considering getting a couple Kindle Fires to run HA displays at a couple places in my house. The plan is to run Fully Kiosk. I know you can set it up to show the screen when the camera detects movement. However, one location would be in the bathroom to show weather/traffic info when we’re getting ready. Ideally, I’d like to cover the camera on the tablet. Is there a way to use a separate motion detector to trigger the screen to turn on?

Yes you can. I have a tablet running Fully in my hall. It can get too dark for the camera to detect motion. When it is too dark I use motion sensors to turn the screen on

Yes you can make a automation > If motion on then screen on.


You can but I’d waive you off the Fire tablet unless you are prepared to fully root the device. Amazon is quickly making it harder to do thingd like fully that take over the UI of these devices. (because they can’t sell you ads) My fire 8s will come up for replacement in a year and I will NOT be replacing them with a Fire 10 or beyond. I’ll find a good cheap Android tablet and go with that

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Check Lenovo